• Q: What Google Account permissions does G-Integrator for Zoho require and why?
    A: Please check the screenshot and the list below:
    • See, edit, create, and delete your spreadsheets in Google Drive: we need this to insert content from Zoho CRM to your spreadsheet, make a backup copy of the spreadsheet (under development right now), etc.
    • Connect to an external service: This is obvious: Zoho CRM is an external service.
    • Allow this application to run when you are not present: we need this for the automatic refresh.
    • Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications: All our UI part will be shown to you in prompts and sidebars.

Download data

  • Q: How do I connect my Zoho Account to the spreadsheet?
    A: menu Add-ons → G-Integrator for Zoho → Zoho Sign In
    See How It Works
  • Q: How can I edit an existing query template?
    A: menu Add-ons → G-Integrator for Zoho → Modify/Delete Pull templates
    See How It Works
  • Q: How can I filter data to get only the records I need?
    A: In "G-Integrator for Zoho → Get Modules Records" or "G-Integrator for Zoho → Modify/Delete Pull templates" click on tab "3. Select the fields to filter by"
    See How It Works
  • Q: How can I filter data by the piclist fields?
    A: Select the required piclist values from the drop-down list.
    See How It Works
  • Q: How can change the default ordering of the columns in the result?
    A: By default, the columns in the result are ordered alphabetically. To change the order, please click the "Change the sorting order" button :
    After this, you will be able drag and drop the columns in the desired order. When finished, you can click the button to return to the Zoho object's view.
    If you want to return back to default alphabet sorting, please check the "Sort resulted columns alphabetically" checkbox in the tab "2. Change Pull Settings (optional)".
  • Q: How can integrate two Zoho modules (or Zoho module with the another application - Zoho Books or Xero, for example)?
    For this, you can use the feature we call "Dynamic queries". To use it, you have to do the following simple steps:
    1. Load the dataset you want to use as a data source. For example, if you want to load all the Contacts listed in the particular Deals, you have to load these Deal's data, including the Contact's ID or email. You can load it using G-Integrator, or copy/paste, or by using another Google Sheets add-on
    2. Create a template to select Contacts
    3. In Contact's template, add a filter for some unique field (ID will be the best, but you can use other fields also), and click the button to the right of it.
    4. In the input field, you can add the data source address in the format: "Deals!A2:A10", or click the button to automatically copy the address of the selected range. The range should be a single row or a single column.
    5. That's all. The query will be executed. If you will change the values in the data source column and will refresh the query, your data will be automatically changed.
    See How It Works
  • Q: I've changed data in Zoho CRM and refreshed the spreadsheet. However, I do not see changes in the spreadsheet.
    A: We use cache to keep downloaded data for 30 min., both for performance and to decrease the number of calls to Zoho API (we have a daily limit and should pay if we exceed it). This explains why you do not see changes immediately. You have the following options:
    1. Wait for 30 min. since the refresh.
    2. Using "G-Integrator for Zoho → Modify/Delete Pull templates" menu, change the query: add or remove column, change filter, etc. This will be considered as a new query.
  • How can I download only the new data?
    A: If you have many records, the full download can take a lot of time. To resolve this, you have the option to download only data created or modified since the last download. To achieve this, please do the following:
    • Using the menu: "Get Module records" or "Modify/Delete Pull templates", create/modify the query.
    • In the tab "3. Select the field to filter by (optional)", add filter "Since last execution" for the "Modified Time" or "Created Time" field ( screenshot).
    • Attention: by default, each new download will erase the previous data. To avoid this, please use "Add to the previous output" option (see below).
  • How can I add downloaded data at the end of the existing data?
    A: Please do the following:
    • Using the menu: "Get Module records" or "Modify/Delete Pull templates", create/modify the query.
    • In the tab "2. Change Pull Settings (optional)", select the "Add to the previous output" checkbox ( screenshot).
    • This is an experimental feature. The query results will be added to the end of the existing data in the spreadsheet.
    • If you have one or more "Order By" criteria, the WHOLE dataset will be re-sorted, so the most recent data may become located not at the bottom.
    • Please do not modify any existing data or change columns: the result can be unpredictable.
    • Please be careful because it can generate duplicates. We recommend using the "Since last execution" date filter to avoid duplicates.
  • How can I use my own format for the Currency fields?
    A: By default, we will format all Zoho fields with type "Currency" using an ISO 4217 for the location settings in your Google Spreadsheet. If you want to change this format, you can do the following:
    • In the tab "2. Change Pull Settings (optional)", uncheck the "Format currency fields using Organization's currency" checkbox ( screenshot).
    • Using the Google Spreadsheet "Format" menu, change the column's format to desired one.
  • Q: Is it possible to use G-Integrator for Zoho on my smartphone?
    A: The G-Integrator for Zoho Add-on not designed to work on mobile devices: first of all, the "Google sheets" app does not support Add-ons. However you can open your spreadsheet from a mobile browser using "Desktop" mode, and from it, you will be able to use some restricted functionality, like refreshing.
    Also, while working on the PC, you can set-up the automatic data synchronization using "G-Integrator for Zoho → Get Automation" menu. After this, you will be able to see updated data from the "Google sheets" app on your smartphone.
  • Q: How to change the columns' order in the spreadsheet?
    A: By default, columns in downloaded data sorted alphabetically. To change the sorting order, please do the following:
    1. In "G-Integrator for Zoho → Get Modules Records" or "G-Integrator for Zoho → Modify/Delete Pull templates" click on tab "2. Change Pull Settings (optional)"
    2. Uncheck the checkbox "Sort resulted columns alphabetically"
    3. Click on the tab "1. Select the module and the fields to get data." and select required columns. The columns will be ordered in the selection's order, so, if you will first, select column: "Deal Name" and then "Amount", in the spreadsheet you will see "Deal Name" and "Amount", exactly in this order.
    See How It Works


  • What is auto-refresh and how to use it?
    A: Auto-refresh allows you to synchronize the Spreadsheet with Zoho automatically, by the schedule. To use it, please do the following:
    • Using the menu: "Get Module records" or "Modify/Delete Pull templates", create/modify the query to download data you want to be auto-refreshed.
    • Repeat this operation for as many modules as you need.
    • Using the menu "Automation", setup the auto-refresh parameters:
      • Turn "Auto Refresh" on
      • Select frequency
      • Select desired days/hours for the refresh
      • If you want, turn on email notifications
      • You can click "Execute now" to check the auto-refresh
      • When satisfied, click "Apply" to save settings
    • By default, Auto-refresh will be applied to all queries in your spreadsheet. You can change the default behavior for each query by clicking the tab "5. Schedule a Refresh" in "Get Module records" or "Modify/Delete Pull templates" menu
    • By default, the results of each auto-refresh execution will be written to tab "Automatic Operations Events Log"
  • What is workflow and how to use it?
    A: Workflow is our new feature. Think of it as of better and smarter autorefresh. To use it, do the following:
    • Create the desired queries and upload templates.
    • Repeat this operation for as many modules as you need.
    • Click the menu "Automation" → "Create Workflow"
    • Enter the workflow's name and optional description
    • Switch to "Add template(s)" tab, drag and drop templates in the desired order
    • Switch to "Scheduler" tab to setup the schedule
    • Click "Apply and Schedule" button
    • You can modify or immediate execute workflow by choosing the "Automation" → "Update/Modify/Delete Workflows" menu
    See How It Works
  • I have deleted the spreadsheet's tab with the auto-refresh, but I continue to receive notifications about this tab. How to stop it?

    A: The correct wat to stop the auto-refresh will be to turn it "off" using the automation menu. If you delete the spreadsheet's tab, it would not stop the suto-refresh because it's executed by the small script in your spreadsheet called "trigger". In this case, you will ahve to delete this trigger to stop the auto-refresh.

    Please do the following:
    • In the spreadsheet, click the memu "Tools" → "Script editor"
    • Save the project by clicking Ctrl → S (Command→S on Mac)
    • Click menu "Edit" → "All your triggers"
    • Locate the the Project's name "G-Integrator for Zoho CRM"
    • Click 3-sdots menu on the right → "Delete trigger"
    • You will need to setup the auto-refresh again if you used it in other tabs with Zoho data
    See How It Works

Analytics logo Zoho Analytics

  • Q: How can I download Zoho Analytics reports?
    A: First of all, your Zoho account should have Zoho Analytics features. You will get an error if Zoho Analytics iz not enabled
    • Click "G-Integrator for Zoho → Zoho Analytics → Get Reports"
    • Select the workspace
    • Select the report
    • Enjoy
    You can have more, than one report on the spreadsheet's tab.
    See How It Works

Upload data

  • Q: How to upload data to my Zoho account?
    • Prepare your data: the easiest way is:
      • Name the spreadsheet after a Zoho module you want to upload to: Leads, Deals, etc.
      • Name the columns after a module's fields
    • Click menu Add-ons → G-Integrator for Zoho → Update / Insert / Upsert Selected Row(s) in current sheet
    • Select the module, if it's not selected automatically.
    • Map columns, if nesessary: you can drag and drop Zoho field's names to the spreadsheet columns.
    • Select the desired operation in the top left corner: Insert / Update / Upsert
    • Click "Save Template" to just save or "Execute and Save Template" for the actual upload
    • Check the upload results right to the data columns
    See How It Works
  • Q: How to upload date / datetime fields?
    A: Zoho CRM considers "date" and "datetime" very differently: you'll get an error if you'll upload date type field with time or datetime field without the time. For your convenience, we will convert date with time and without time to the required format:
    • For "date" type we will trim the time portion if exists
    • For "datetime" type we will add the time portion as zeroes if missed
    In addition to the 41 date formats, supported by Zoho (please check on the Zoho page), we also support ISO 8601 format: "2020-02-09T09:34:09.000-05:00" will be parsed to "Feb 2, 2020, 19:34:09 EST". If you miss the time zone portion ("-05:00" in the example above), your spreadsheet's time zone will be used. You can have or not have the time portion for both date and datetime.


  • Q: Where I can see the available subscriptions?
    A: We provide 4 types of subscriptions: Lite yearly/monthly and Premium yearly/monthly. Please see our price page for the comparison and details.
  • Q: What is your money-back policy?
    A: We offer a full money-back guarantee for the first 30 days and pro-rated return after.
  • Q: How can I subscribe?
    A: Click "Go Premium" menu in the "G-Integrator for Zoho" add-on.
  • Q: How can I be sure that my credit card number I provide will be safe?
    A: We use well-known and respected PCI Level 1 certified billing platform ChargeBee. All payment processing made by them, we cannot see your credit card's number at all - ChargeBee will show us only the last 4 digits.
  • Q: I've paid for the subscription, but clicking on "Go Premium" still shows me "Trial Premium" status.
    A: We cache the premium subscription's status for a few hours, this is why you still see the "Trial Premium". This status gives you full access to all services, so you should not be worried.
  • Q: How can I subscribe?
    A: Click "Go Premium" menu in the "G-Integrator for Zoho" add-on.
  • Q: How can I change subscription or unsubscribe?
    A: There are two options:
    • Log into your ChargeBee account using your Google email address and change subscription/un-subscribe
    • Send us an email on [email protected] and we will do the required action.
  • Q: How can I apply the coupon?
    A: Click "Apply Coupon" in the first screen during the subscription. Please see the screenshot .